About Us

All About Us And Our Journey

We started our journey in 2009 with a mission to become the leading e-commerce marketplace for Desktop, Gaming consoles, IT components and peripherals.

Since then we have delivered a lot even though we were playing single handedly against India's big names in e-commerce with billions of dollars worth investments from foreign countries like US, China and Japan.

We are proud to say we are a 100% Indian company without even a single penny of FDI.

When you buy from Ayonex Digital your money stays inside India helping Indian economy. When you are buying from other e-commerce marketplaces which are wholly or partly owned by foreign companies, you are sending your money out of India and hence weakening our economy.

We are a Swadeshi e-commerce marketplace which is growing steadily against all hurdles. We are David among many Goliaths.

Our commitment in quality in service is exceptional. In our ten year journey we have partnered with hundreds of sellers and with some leading manufacturers like Asus to sell their products thru our platform.

Our Build Your Own PC section is an unique section where you can configure and build your own PC according to your fancies virtually and get it delivered in a fully assembled state physically. This feature is available in India only with Ayonex Digital .

We keep our prices lower than foreign funded and foreign owned e-commerce sites. If you find certain products priced higher than theirs, it means our products are genuine and 100% brand new. We also sell refurbished products. All accessories and spare parts will be present in the shipment that we make.

We also have an Easy Returns Policy, hence you can get a refund or replacement without any trouble.

We hope you like shopping with Ayonex Digital , a truly 100% Indian e-commerce marketplace exclusively for IT components, peripherals, gaming consoles and everything tech.



Be Indian and Buy from an Indian.

                                                     Jai Hind.